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Топики по-английскому на тему «Масс медиа»

Mass media plays a great and a very important role in the life of a modern man. Mass communications are a reflection of society. They mould public opinion, raise vital problems of our life, and give a broad understanding of the problems. Besides MM educate and entertain.

We can compare MM with a surface of a lake-crystal clean and true. Only with the help of MM people can notice all their mistakes and superiority by other eyes. But there is another side which we call “curved mirror-yellow press. It works only for money, giving people not quality but volume. I think it can prevent the development of press, but on the other hand it makes the world of MM colourful and bright.

MM communicates us with others, connects with the whole world. We always can be in course of every event, catastrophe, national and international conflicts. To my mind it is great.

There are 5 groups or parts included in MM: TV, Radio, Newspapers, Interment and posters. Every person chooses what he likes best. I prefer Radio most of all. You can do some things at the same time. I can hear the latest news, some special information and music. There are some soap operas on radio.

I like notices of radio workers in “Details” with the help of music. I can relax, music helps me to revile the inner state of my mind and I think it is immortal. There are a lot of games on the radio. They are called “panel games” During a radio panel game listeners send questions to the studio. The member of the panel answers them and competes for the best results. Radio brings into millions of homes not only entertainment and news but also cultural and educational programs. Radio stations broadcast about ten thousand of musical programs weekly.

As for Britain radio there’re 4 separate radio channels. Radio 1 broadcasts mainly pop music, radio 2 provides light music, comedy programmes, sports; radio 3 offers serious music, talks on serious subjects and plays of a classical nature. Radio 4 concentrates on the spoken word - talks and discussions, plays. The BBC has opened local radio stations in a number of large cities and towns.

Radio and television programmes are given in the BBC magazine, the RADIO TIMES. There is also a weekly magazine “the Listener”, in which outstanding talks are published. As for press it plays an important role in the life of society. Millions of people in their free time read newspapers and magazines. Newspapers include not only stories about recent events but opinions, advertising and other non‑news items. Newspapers are good for photos and pictures. The popular British newspapers are: THE TIMES, THE GUARDIAN, THE OBSERVER, THE DAILY TELEGRAPH etc. London also has the EVENING STANDARD which gives the latest news. There are also magazines and periodicals for almost every trade profession, sport, hobby or interest: THE ECONOMIST, THE SPECTATOR, THE NEW SOCIETY, and THE NEW SCIENTIST.

A poster is a printing sign, usually a large one which is shown in a public place. Its purpose may be to announce an event or to advertise something. There are travel posters, political posters, music posters, cultural posters, and humorous posters, social and advertising posters. Posters were developed from printed notices, which were stuck on walls. As printing methods developed, it became possible to produce colour prints. This was the beginning of the poster as we know it today. Posters became more colourful and pictures were used to express the idea. The first modern colour prints began to be produced around the year 1850. In the second part of the 19th century poster art became a powerful medium. Posters are often used as means of propaganda. Posters advertise beer and tobacco and break our generation. It also interrupts films or programmes on TV, but when the man looks through the poster he is in a course of everything.

Modern society can’t imagine its life without computer. They can store much information. They are more efficient than people because everything is controlled by computers, they have much memory. People mostly consider computers to be connected with science. But they help us in our activity, help pupils and students to study, entertain us. But there exist disadvantages concerning the use of computers. Among the most important ones we should mention poor health and eyestrain. Besides many people don’t communicate with each other because they live in artificial world of computers.

Television brings the world to our living room. We see people in our country and in other lands and learn of their customs, occupations, opinions, problems. We became better informed by watching documentaries, science programmes, and discussions and by learning the most important economic, social and political issues of the day. TV helps us to relax after a hard day’s work. Television programmes gather big audience. Apart from their entertainment value, they provide useful topics of conversation. But on the other hand television has a lot of harm. This is a sharp problem among pupils. They do their H|w in front of the TV set we begin to forget about outside activities, enriching our personalities by developing hobbies and belonging to clubs.

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